I've always been interested in pictures and art, and therefore it was no coincident that I got a photobook when I was 10 years old, and later that year my first camera. Ever since that time, the picture that broke my eyes lenses also often was catched by the camera lens. No matter what it was, as long as calmness and beauty were involved. Through the Photographic School in Stockholm, I started my own studio working with marketing and newsmagazines. I wrote articles for several magazines and newspapers; Femina, Boatmagazine Sailing, Yachting World and Family papers with my children as actors.

Industrial and marketing photo filled the early eighties and along came companies like SAAB, Volvo, Wasa, Storebro and Fundo Co Norway and I also worked as portrait photographer. Through the nineties I joined several picturestores and a few exhibitions were held in Stockholm. I went DIGITAL in the beginning of 2000 and that's the way it goes from now on.

My pictures run over all areas in imaging and I still have the same feeling about taking pictures as I had when I was 10.

2019 ¨En Bilsutställning¨ med hustrun Louise / Galleri Greger Stockholm
2018 Bildutställning Siggesta gård Värmdö Förmån Barncancerfonden
2017 ¨ÅTER EN RESA¨ med Konstnären Dan Lekberg / Ferlin Museet Kvarnen Filipstad
2016 ¨Lost in Nature¨ 3 Fotografer / Norrköping
2014 ¨Bilder helt Enkelt¨ med hustrun Louise / Galleri P Stockholm
2013 ¨Fotografisk Skissbok¨ Karlskoga Konsthall
2013 ¨Mixed Emotions¨ Galleri P Stockholm
2012 ¨12 Färgbilder¨ Järla Sjökrog Nacka
2011 ¨Sommar Vernissage¨ Galleri Riddaren Stockholm
2010 ¨2 Resor¨ med Dan Lekberg Galleri Puckeln Stockholm
2009 ¨It´s only Rock´n Roll¨ Galleri Darling Stockholm
2007 10 Scotlandsbilder GLENFIDDICH Warehouse Stockholm
2004 ¨Bilder från LAND & HAV¨ Strömma Kanalbar Värmdö
2003 ¨Stilleben X 3 ¨ Strömma Kanalbar Värmdö
2002 ¨Come in and rest¨ Galleriet för Fotografiska Bilder Stockholm
1985 ¨Fotografiska bilder¨ PTK SKOLAN Värmdö

1990-1998 Allt för sjön Båtmässan Stockholm Charlie Papa bildbyrå Reijo Ruster, Handelsbanken Hamngatan Stilleben Stockholm
Fotomässan 1995 Göteborg Pentax monter
Utställningar under 70 & 80 talen ett antal Stockholm, Göteborg, Oslo